All animals, except certified guide dogs, are prohibited on the premises.

Balloons are strictly prohibited within the building. 

The Landmark Center does not permit tenants to transport their bike through the building, elevators, or the building lobby.

Building management must approve in advance contractors performing work on the premises. Contractors must be licensed and provide evidence of insurance in addition to necessary building permits, as well as properly protect the lobby floors. Please inform your vendors of these restrictions.

ALL VENDORS MUST CHECK IN WITH THE SECURITY DESK located on the lobby level of the building. The security officer on duty will issue a temporary pass to contractors, in exchange for a photo ID. After hours and freight elevator access must be coordinated through building management. Please contact us for a sample certificate at landmarkinfo@landmarkcenter.com.

Fire Alarm Sprinkler Testing
If you need to schedule fire alarm testing, please contact Building Management at least 72 hours in advance. You will be required to complete a form which indicating which alarm points are to be taken out of service and when they will be taken out of service.

Insurance Requirements
Landmark Center requires all tenants (including their contractors and vendors performing work within their space) to provide evidence of insurance. Specific insurance requirements are outlined in your lease. Landmark Center Park Drive LLC c/o Samuels & Associates must be listed as the Certificate Holder and as an additional insured. Waiver of Subrogation language is to be in favor of the property owner. Should you need any further information regarding insurance requirements, or for a sample COI, please contact building management at lklama@samuelsre.com.  

Locker Rooms
Access to the Women’s and Men’s locker rooms, which are located on P1, is available to all tenants of the building. Please e-mail nmoschella@samuelsre.com for a form to complete. Lockers are for day-use only. Security will remove any belongs found left overnight.

Moving Procedures
Moves across the lobby must be coordinated through building management 48 hours in advance and done between 6:00pm and 7:00am. For large moves occurring after hours, please email building management with details of the exact date and time of the move. Proper protection must be put in place in an effort to protect the floor. Additionally, a valid certificate of insurance is required from all vendors, which is to be sent to building management for approval prior to the move. Please note that we are a union building and all movers MUST BE UNION. 

Landmark Center maintains a no smoking policy throughout the building and around the premises of the building within 25 feet. This includes no smoking in all areas of the garage, all common areas, the lobby, restrooms, stairwells, and elevators. Please note this includes e-cigarettes, vapes, and marijuiana.

Trash and Recycling Disposal
Retail Tenants are required to place trash inside the compactor and recyclable items in the bin labeled “Single Stream.” If you need assistance or have questions, please contact the loading dock attendant or the security desk. Improper disposal of trash could result in a $100.00 fine.

Rules and Regulations
Your lease contains a list of Rules and Regulations. Please familiarize yourself with it.